Why They Burned the Books


Because they actually read what was in them.

So did people like Elizabeth Dilling and Michael Hoffman.


As the Talmud is voluminous, any critique of it would by necessity be extensive as well.

Dilling offered her critique in the book The Plot Against Christianity, which later got renamed Jewish Religion and its Influence Today. Hoffman offers an even more extensive analysis and critique in his book Judaism Discovered.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to reading all the previous resources provided, well then today is your lucky day…RaMBaMTYM will now give you TL:DR version of what you need to know right here:

To understand what the Talmud truly is, you need to understand the word pilpulist.

From Merriam-Webster online:

Definition of pilpulist: one who practices talmudic dialectic :  a subtle reasoner

pilpulistic ¦pilˌpü¦listik\ – adjective

In layman’s terms: Excessive hair-splitting argumentation unto dizzying heights of sophistry. To put it more concisely, it is an overdose of argumentation from ALL sides to effect rhetorical rationalization and justification for any desired outcome.

Never forget Vladimir Lenin’s most insightful pronouncement and its unmistakable connection to the long history and tradition of pharisaical talmudic pilpulism: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

It is how the Pharisees ‘manufacture consensus’ and “…make the laws of God to no effect.” as Jesus publicly called them out on during his ministry on Earth.

There is a reason why the Talmud has so many tractates. It is a literal two millennium-plus record of pharisaical rabbi’s arguing over every single side of every single law or issue so as to offer justification for any and everything convenient for the rabbis to justify or condemn at any given time, for any rabbi who is interpreting the law.

Hence the 613 Laws for the frum and 7 Noahchide Laws for the goyim…620 laws total, with each one open to two or more interpretations at every reading. All that, derived from the original 10 commandments. Call it legalistic inflation via 2,000+ years of rabbinical pilpulism.

Thus the Talmud both condones and condemns pedophilia. It says to kill the best of gentiles and it says to be a light unto the gentiles. It is full of such seemingly contradictory passages and an endless array of cognitively dissonant argumentation.

In short, the Talmud is the ultimate training manual in becoming THE Devil’s Advocate.

On any and every issue for which a pharisee has the power to enforce a ruling, he can find something in the Talmud to justify what he or she wants.

It is the “Tradition of the Elders” a.k.a. Priestcraft. Posing as an intermediary between man and God to gain absolute power and tyrannical control over the people.

While the Jews still have their orthodox and radical fundamentalist sects like Chabad Lubavitch who still practice rabbinical tyranny on their local communities of haredi, for the rest of us goyim (aka akum aka gentiles) we the average citizen in today’s new world order suffer in bondage to their machinations through their central banking usury cartel and control of the mass media and educational institutions. They use this control to endlessly manufacture consensus to promote their lies of athe-ism, femin-ism, rac-ism, enviromental-ism, and all the other ‘-ism’s and schisms they create to divide and conquer us all.

The Talmud was the original impetus for Medieval-era book burnings, which was later revived by the National Socialists of Germany in the 1930’s. This is also why book burnings are so vilified and denounced by today’s thoroughly judaized historians, journalists, pundits and academics.


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