Eulogy for the Failed Messiah


In 2004, a Jew named Shmarya Rosenberg lost his faith and quit his local Chabad sect and started a blog called The Failed Messiah. For twelve years he built a worldwide readership calling attention to and creating discussions about scandals and criminality that often got covered up and censored regarding problems amongst the Jewish community. Over that span, he received many threats, online personal attacks and got ridiculed pretty harshly as well. For example:


He even had his blog hacked and all it’s content deleted when he first started out on wordpress at one point, causing him to move and start all over again with a typepad blog:


In February of 2016, he ended up selling his domain and blog to new owners who promptly scrubbed the site of all the postings that reflect badly on Judaism and the Jewish community.

Now Scott Rosenberg — better known as Shmarya Rosenberg — has signed off and sold Failed Messiah, his controversial blog tracking the foibles of Orthodox Jews. But Rosenberg is refusing to identify the new owners.

Suspicious readers want to know why.

In an introductory blog post, Failed Messiah’s new owners described themselves as “a group of people dedicated to protecting the reputation of the Orthodox Jewish community” – precisely those who used to be the target of Failed Messiah’s withering criticism. That has some wondering whether the site was purchased to silence criticism of the Orthodox.


One of the topics the failed messiah used to blog about frequently was the near epidemic levels of pedophilia and sexual abuse by rabbis and other religious community members.

In a world in which the news and entertainment media has endlessly reported, joked, condemned and criticized the rampant pedophilia scandals in the US Catholic church, the extent of similar problems amongst the jewish community has largely gone unnoticed and un-commented on. No surprise there of course, given (((you know who)))  largely owns the majority of the mainstream corporate media.



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